4 Common Shortcomings of Small Business Blogs

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Not Enough Planning

Many small business blogs fail because of a lack of planning. It’s very easy to start a blog. In fact, the ease of starting a blog means that many people just jump into it without a clear direction or goal. A business blog without a purpose will quickly be cast aside when there are no measurable results.

What kinds of issues and topics do you want your blog to cover and how do they relate to your customers? What is the ongoing goal of your blog? Is your blog to connect to your customers or to attract new customers? It is important to address these questions before you begin.

Not Linking

It is important to remember to link to external sources, blogs, and your own posts, when appropriate. Linking to credible external sources is a good way to cite your references and add credibility to your blog posts. If you link to credible sources, Google will deem you more credible, too. Linking to other sites and blogs that you find informative can be a good way to build rapport with readers as well.

People will appreciate that they can come to your site for great content and great resources. Linking to your own relevant posts can point readers to your previous posts that are relevant to them.

Not Proofreading

We’ve all come across websites with spelling errors, grammatical errors, mislabeled images, etc. While small business blogs are generally fairly conversational and informal, there is no reason for careless mistakes to slip by regularly.

Avoid writing your posts in a simple text editor or a CMS with no spell checker. Most importantly, rereading your entire article one last time before posting can save you from making unnecessary mistakes public.

Not Fully Committing

One of the biggest problems that people encounter is simply not being committed to writing content, posting on schedule, and all of the other tasks that small business blogs entail. It is important to understand from the start that a blog will be a serious commitment and requires ample time and effort to make it work.

It may seem obvious, but if you are not fully committed to working to make your blog a success, it won’t be.