4 Things to Do After Work in Midtown Manhattan

4 Things to Do After Work, Near Rockefeller Plaza in Midtown Manhattan

Because you need a refreshing break or some events to go to after work in Midtown Manhattan, consider these options.  One of the benefits of having an office in Midtown Manhattan is that there are plenty of great things around to help you refresh your mind. Don’t have time to look around while out searching for your new turnkey office space? No worries! Check out our list of things to do around in Midtown Manhattan at 630 Fifth Ave and 45 Rockefeller Plaza.


Get Inspired by Asian Art:

Because located just a couple of blocks away from Rockefeller Plaza, RONIN GALLERY can be a great spot to get a little taste of zen. Known for the largest collection of Japanese prints in the US, the gallery has collections of prints from the woodblock prints known as Ukiyo-e to Samurai prints.  In addition. more information can be found on the RONIN GALLERY website.


Join UNIQLO Free Fridays:

Also, in case you didn’t know, every Friday from 4pm to 8pm at MOMA is free. Take advantage of Midtown Manhattan and enjoy a short talk to MOMA.   Here, you can check out some mind blowing contemporary art! More information can be found at


Attend the Austrian Art Exhibition

The Austrian Cultural Forum NYC is offering a free opening event for the exhibition, Display of the Centuries. Frederick Kiesler and Contemporary Art. The exhibition honors the 50th anniversary of the Austrian American architect, designer, artist and theoretician, Frederick Kiesler. Last, the exhibition investigates how art is made and presented. More information can be found at


Attend a Concert at Carnegie Hall:

Finally, OCCNY (Onassis Cultural Center NY) is literally just a footstep away from two of the Rockefeller Group Business Center office locations in New York. Coming up soon, on March 12th, 2015 “Mirologia – The Words of Destiny” will be performed at the Carnegie Hall, and admission is free, as long as you register. Two virtuoso chanters, Christos Chalkias and Eleftherios Eleftheriadis will perform traditional mirologia from Mani and Epirus, and selected hymns from Holy Week. More information can be found on the Onassis website.


Last, Workspace by Rockefeller Group offer turnkey office spaces for anyone in need of temporary office space in New York. If you are looking for an office space in a prime location, that allows you to work in midtown Manhattan near these great New York cultural events and more, contact us now for a tour.