5 Steps To Increase Customer Base

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Are you a small buisness owner looking for some growth hacking tips to increase your customer base?

Looking to increase customer base numbers but have a limited budget on advertising and marketing? Below, we will show you how you can still grow your customer base without spending much on your marketing initiatives. Follow the step by step described below to grow your customer base organically.

Set Your Objectives

What will define as a growth to your business? Number of signups? Is it the number of traffic or page views? Whatever you think represents the “growth” of your business and customer base would work here, but you want to be very specific in defining the key metrics that you can compare the before vs. after with.

Audience Analysis

Who is your business’s core customer base? It would be the best if you could draw the conclusion from Google analytics or some other form of data you gathered through surveys, etc. If you don’t have them, based on your experience, figure out what you think is the best demographic for the product or services you provide. Know that since this is not backed up by data, this is only your assumptions and not facts, and that you may need to change your assumptions later depending on the results you see. So be ready to stay flexible throughout this process.


Conduct a series of interviews with your core demographic. The interview questions vary depending on the overall goal and objectives with the campaign but if it’s about bringing in more traffic, you can ask questions like where they prefer finding or interacting with you online. It may be via a mobile app, chat or any number of ways. If it’s a blog, we can help you you with generating content. These are some of the questions you can ask them but ask as many questions as possible to find out what will make them want to come talk to you or find you.

Tweak Based on Data

After conducting the interviews, implement the changes based on the audience feedback. For example, with the above example interview question, let’s say you found out that your core audience is much more comfortable finding you on their mobile device. You can then make sure your website is optimized for mobile experiences, and you may also test out your product or services via app. The changes could take place from your marketing materials, methods to approach your customers, or to services or products themselves, but all depends on your interview and your overall objective of the segment or campaign.

Measure, and Repeat

After above four steps, now you’ll sit and observe the changes that will take place in your metrics. This is why step 1 is critical because the more you are specific, the better you are able to measure the success and understand how to grow your customer base going forward. Be sure to mark what you’ve changed so you can monitor how that one factor influences in your metrics. Once you’re done with observing the change, you can keep repeating this process until you see the results.