5 Tips From Workspace by Rockefeller Group Executive Suites Business Leaders

Workspace by Rockefeller Group_5-Tips-Workspace by Rockefeller Group-Executive-Suites-Leaders

Our top 5 tips for entrepreneurs, straight from successful Workspace by Rockefeller Group executive suites business leaders.

Looking to build your business in NYC? Check out what the Workspace by Rockefeller Group executive suites business leaders have to say when we asked their tips for success. 

  1. “Focus on quality, and good results will follow.” -T. Lee Pomeroi II, CEO of Executive References LLC

Lee shared with us his tips on running a business successfully, by describing the importance of the focus on how to help clients and doing things right for them. He says “we’ve always taken the extra and additional steps to deliver value to our clients.” His commitment to delivering value and results to this client shows us why customers refer his business to others, and thus he doesn’t need paid marketing to bring in new businesses.

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  1. ”Embrace the imperfection.” -Christopher Craddock, CEO of CC Trading Company, LLC

What’s one of the things that stops entrepreneurs from succeeding? It’s what’s in our head! Chris’s insight for succeeding was how “overcoming assumptions” is one of the most important factors in the entrepreneurial journey. He also shared with us the spirit to “just go out and test and find out” instead of aiming to produce “perfect” things, it is more important to just dive in and do it.

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  1. “Take more risk.” -Will Royall, CEO of Royall Advertising

As Will puts it, “the secret here…is that selling a $1,000,000 idea entails the same process as a $200 idea.” Although the value you deliver may be more and therefore more work is involved on the bigger ideas, there are greater returns on the bigger ideas and thus the payouts are higher. His insight also shares that with the bigger work, you can accomplish and deliver real change in the world and impact more people’s lives, and that is much more rewarding and gratifying.

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  1. “Be the best at what you do.” -Amy Daniels, Director of Marketing at New York Yankees Steakhouse

Amy shares with us one of the most important things for companies to succeed, to know who you really are. She describes “knowing your product’s or service’s unique selling points, offerings, and values will essentially help the company to differentiate itself from other competitors.” This is integral for businesses to know so they can communicate clearly about themselves to the right audiences, to practice successful and lean marketing.

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  1. “Be committed to work hard for your clients.” –Alex Granovsky, Founding Memeber of Granovsky & Sundaresh PLLC

Alex shared his tips with us about the importance of working hard and commitment for great work for the clients. He also shares his entrepreneurial journey was professional and personally rewarding and has been very rewarding and fulfilling. Lastly, his advice for people considering taking the entrepreneurial path? “Don’t be afraid and do challenge yourself!”

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