What Are The Advantages of a Virtual Office

It didn’t take long for remote workers to realize that having a virtual office in NYC is essential to success.   Virtual support has certainly risen in popularity over the years, but since the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need to work remotely, the popularity of these services have skyrocketed.  As we learn to adapt to our work from home environments, there are certain professional services that you cannot get at home.  One of the biggest misconceptions about a virtual office is that it is nothing more then a mailbox.  So, why not simply get a PO Box?  Depending on the provider you are considering, a virtual office could open your business up to a variety of services that you never considered.  Here are 3 advantages of a virtual office that you will want to consider.

The Address

Do you want to put your home address in your signature? The alternative would be a PO box,  but then you have to take your corporate image into consideration.  What looks more professional, a “PO Box X”, or “45 Rockefeller Plaza”?  While working remotely, you will want to take advantage of any opportunity to make your business standout.  This simple service will not only help keep your home address private, but it will elevate your image.

Meeting Rooms

Odds are, if you are considering a virtual office, you work remotely.  But what do you do when you need to meet with a client or collaborate with your team?  In most cases, the home office is not productive or professional.  This is where your virtual office will shine. Depending on the provider you choose, they will have an array of meeting rooms and offices that you can use with hourly rates. The staff will have the workspace ready for you, including any catering or any technological need that you might have. Places like Workspace by Rockefeller Group can host your meeting in a professional environment with all the support of an administrative team.

Mail Management and Administrative Support

Your virtual office goes beyond the support you receive when using the meeting rooms.  Administrative support is a key advantage to your mail management. With a PO box, you have to go to the post office everyday to check and see if you have mail.  In a serviced office space, you can receive a notification when you get mail.  The staff can forward your mail to you at any location.  They can accept packages and send them back out for you.  With administrative support from Workspace by Rockefeller Group, you never need to go into the office, they take care of everything for you.

Telephone Support and Call Answering

More and more are relying on their personal cell phones to conduct business.  It is easy to take a call wherever you are, but there can certainly be a downside to this.  It means that your clients or staff can get in touch with you, whenever they want, including nights and weekends.  Did you know that with our telephone support, we can help manage your call flow.  By providing you with a personal 212 area coded phone number that forwards to your cell phone, you can maintain a NYC identity while controlling the forwarding to your cell.  We can even elevate your level of professionalism with call answering and screening, while forwarding the caller wherever you direct.  And, if you want to remove your cell phone all together, we can send VoIP phones to you and your team’s houses.


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