Conference Rooms in Rockefeller Center

45 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10111

Don't leave your meeting to chance when you have access to one of the most prestigious locations in the world.  Since 1994, we have been providing conference and meeting services to New York City's most prominent business leaders.  Let our professional staff make all of the arrangements you need for a successful meeting.  From catering to greeting your guests, our team will take care of all the details so you can focus on your business.  Learn how convenient it is to use conference rooms in Rockefeller Center.

The Rockefeller Center Boardroom

Seating for 16  |  View of Rockefeller Plaza  | Available breakout rooms

Presentation monitor  |  Administrative support  |  Available catering  |  Shipping and copy center

Boardroom Low Res

Conference Rooms

Seating for 8-10  |  Available breakout rooms

Presentation monitor  |  Administrative support  |  Available catering  |  Shipping and copy center

B - Atlas

Atlas - Seating for 8

E - The Rink - Low

The Rink - Seating for 10

Meeting Rooms

Seating for 5  |  Available breakout rooms

Presentation monitor  |  Administrative support  |  Available catering  |  Shipping and copy center

C - The Plaza - Low

The Plaza - 4 seats

D - Radio City - Low

Radio City - 5 seats

Collaborative Workspace

This workspace offers a fantastic place to get away with your team for some power brainstorming.  Equipped with a whiteboard and webcam, you have everything you need for a productive day.

Collaboration Room

Office Space For The Day

Office space when you need it, where you want it.

Whether you need a break from your home office or an occasion place to meet with your team,

you will quickly see the convenience of our office space by the day.

*Offices vary, contact us today if you have a specific requirement.

Private Office Space


This is the ideal escape from your remote work environment or a convenient place to meet.

Large Team Room


Collaborate with your team in a private setting with a cost effective workspace.

Private Office Space with Window


If you have a meeting that requires a little extra, our windowed offices are the perfect solution.

*offices vary

Services Beyond Conference Rooms in Rockefeller Center

Consider a dedicated full time workspace for any term.

Print rates for convenient reference or to share with colleagues.

Learn more about our support services for remote workers.

Learn more about the famed Rockefeller Center business district and all the advantages of working in this area.

Hourly Meeting Rooms in NYC

It is no secret that remote workers have proven to be successful in their new office environment.  But studies have shown that there is still a need for a professional business environment when meeting with clients and staff. Here are three reasons for using hourly meeting rooms in NYC: Flexibility. Hourly meeting rooms offer the […]

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What Can Meeting Rooms Be Used For?

…More Than You Might Think As we continue shifting our work habits, many people are asking, what can a meeting room be used for? There was a time when a conference room could be stuffy, traditional, and, quite frankly, boring. But the workforce has changed in many ways—and that’s a good thing.  Now, conference rooms […]

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Love Where You Work

To obtain the highest level of productivity, you must love where you work. When you set out to find office space or a shared office environment, you will want to consider these three key elements to loving where you work. Love Where You Work: The People Around You You have to surround yourself with people that […]

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Deposition Meeting Rooms in NYC

Are you a lawyer looking for neutral meeting space for your next deposition?  Located in the heart of New York City, you can easily benefit from the convenience and privacy of our deposition meeting rooms.  We have considered all of your requirements, including oversized private rooms, Wi-Fi, administrative support, copy center, catering, breakout rooms and […]

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Cost Effective Tips: NYC Conference Rooms by The Hour

NYC Conference Rooms There is a lot of overhead capital associated with running a NYC office space. The rent, maintenance, and cleaning costs can be astounding. For many people, especially entrepreneurs, there is no immediate need for an entire office.  Keeping costs down by using hourly NYC conference rooms can be the most cost effective […]

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Rockefeller Center Conference Rooms

Rockefeller Center Conference Rooms   There is no better location to meet then in the hub of New York City’s business community.  Workspace by Rockefeller Group at 45 Rockefeller Plaza will provide you with the prestige and confidence for you next meeting.

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4 Meeting Tips That Make a Difference

We don’t get together as often as we used to, so when we do, we need to make it count.  It take more than you think to make the perfect meeting.  Here are four meeting tips to keeping your staff enthused and focused.

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Creating An Effective Meeting Room in NYC

What makes a effective meeting room in NYC?  Is it the comfort level? The lighting? The giant table in the middle of the room?

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The History of Wall Street

Wall Street is one of the most iconic locations in the world. Here is the history of this street and why having this address is so important to you. The Wall Did you know that Wall Street was named after an actual wall? In 1644, a wooden wall was built along the northern border of […]

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Exposing Hidden Office Space Costs

You may already know there are tons of different costs that can drain on your bottom line. Often times, people considering leasing an office space are unaware of the hidden office space costs.  Here are some issues that you should consider when moving into an office space: Furnishing the Office Space So, you’ve got a […]

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5 Things to Consider When Using NYC Meeting Rooms

Cost Effective NYC Meeting Rooms and Conference Rooms   Here are 5 things to consider when you use NYC meeting rooms and conference rooms.  Size, location and style can have a huge effect on the success you have with your clients.  Don’t underestimate the power of the room.

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5 Things to Consider When You Need a Meeting Room in NYC

  5 Considerations For Your Next Meeting Room   A Meeting room and conference venues in New York City are getting expensive, just like the apartments in NYC. But depending on the types of meetings and conferences you are planning, you might re-think the overall cost effectiveness of the venue. Below are some things to […]

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5 Inspirational Meeting Rooms in New York City

  Looking for some ideas to make your meeting rooms more productive? Creating an inspirational space for offices and meeting rooms is extremely important, since it can affect the efficiency and productivity.  The set up, layout, and atmosphere of a meeting room can make all the difference.

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4 Productivity Enhancers for a NYC Meeting Room

    NYC Meeting Room We all know meetings can go on forever without accomplishing, well, anything. But in this age of digital media and all kinds of apps, tools, and resources available to improve our productivity, there should be no excuse for unproductive meetings. Especially if you lease New York City meeting rooms for […]

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Startup Success Space: An Effective Office with Meeting Room

  What makes a meeting room effective for a new business? Is it the comfort level? The lighting? The giant table in the middle of the room?

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Start-up Tips: Simple Things We Can Learn from John D. Rockefeller

John D. Rockefeller is probably not a name that you associate with startups or small businesses, but there are many lessons that we can take from his success. Rockefeller was the founder of Standard Oil Company and (adjusted for inflation) is the richest man in history. His pioneering business practices and his vision have made […]

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Affordable Startup Meeting Rooms in New York

  Workspace by Rockefeller Group: Affordable Startup Meeting Rooms in New York

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Startup tips from a LiquidSpace Venue Ambassador

Maggie Regan is the NYC Venue Ambassador from LiquidSpace, a platform that introduces daily and monthly offices and meeting rooms to its members. She works with many venue partners in the New York area and ensures the guests have outstanding experiences wherever they work or book with LiquidSpace. She has an extensive background in working at […]

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Professional Teleconferencing Equipment Without The High Cost

If you are trying to run a business with remote workers, you know how difficult it can be to make sure everyone is on the same page from day to day. In recent years, teleconferencing has become a very reliable and convenient way to hold meetings and work with personnel and clients in distant locations.

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Starting A Podcast: When You Need To Rent Studio Space

Many podcasters in NYC have a difficult time finding quiet space. We are known for many wonderful things here in NYC; unfortunately easily accessible quiet places are not one of them. If you are recording a podcast and want to be taken seriously, you will need to record in a quiet space free from distractions. […]

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What To Look For In Litigation Meeting Rooms

  NYC Litigation Meeting Rooms   As a lawyer, you may need temporary office space for jobs that are too big for the permanent office. You may also need remote office space for out-of-town trials that are too distant for your local office. This need often arises with document reviews and off-site litigation. Litigation meeting […]

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How To Make A Great First Impression At Your Next Meeting

As an entrepreneur, finding and winning new clients is one of the most critical things to keep your business going. The very first impression your potential client gets in your first meeting could ultimately affect the success of your business. For a successful long-term working relationship with your client, you have to show your best […]

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How To Win A Client In The First Meeting

As an entrepreneur, finding and winning new clients is one of the most critical things to keep your business going. The first impression your potential client gets in the first meeting could ultimately affect your success in business. For a successful long-term working relationship with your client, you have to show your best side and […]

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Things To Consider When You Need A Meeting Room In New York City

  Organizing a business meeting in New York requires lots of planning and coordination. Finding a date that works for all of the entities involved is your first challenge. Once that is done, the logistical and aesthetic responsibilities kick in. New York City offers a range of options to use a meeting room, but to […]

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Meeting Room Space By The Hour in New York City

  MEETING ROOM SPACE IN NEW YORK CITY   If you need a place to hold a meeting in New York City, there are many different options. Meeting rooms in serviced workspace are a great choice if you are looking to impress potential clients. With hourly rates, you are able to keep your costs to […]

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Wall Street Conference Room

Wall Street Conference Room   Looking for a Wall Street conference room for your next meeting consider this spacious technologically advanced room.  With on site staff, wifi, and free coffee, we are the ideal solution for you. Seating for 25 Breakout areas Three monitors synched for incredible presentations. Hourly, daily and weekly rates CoWorking space […]

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Large Office Suite on Wall Street

Team Room on Wall Street Details: 900sf open space 700sf of open space 2 private offices great open space CoWorking and Business Lounge Access to Meeting Rooms Reciprocal access to 45 Rockefeller Plaza Onsite reception staff Copy Center YouTube Video [new_royalslider id=”27″] Contact : David E. Jakubowski – 212.918.4832 –

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