Finding Privacy in Shared Office Space

When you hear the term “coworking” or “shared office space”, do you immediately conjure up an image of a chaotic distracting environment where it is difficult for you to conduct business? Do you envision yourself having to take a call in a phone booth because the open space that you thought would be cool is just too noisy? Are you tired of having to pack up your desk every night because you are not sure where you will be sitting tomorrow?

Not All Shared Office Spaces Are The Same

In fact, there is a full spectrum of shared office environments that offer you a full array of options that will suit your needs.  From playfully informal and social to private, professional and secure, a space that meets your specific requirement is out there.  Take Workspace by Rockefeller Group (Workspace by Rockefeller Group) as an example.  Their shared office environment features well-appointed, architecturally distinct features, reflective of the historic art deco era.   With such fine features, Workspace by Rockefeller Group focuses on providing privacy in shared office space that allows their members to bring personal branding to their individual space. The independence of your own personal space is combined with a community of likeminded business professionals.  Such an environment combines your personal corporate culture, with just enough activity around you so that you have the opportunity to socialize.

In addition to being given the opportunity to create your own space within the shared environment, you have a support staff available to you. The staff will allow you to focus on your business while they manage your office space.  Facilities management can take a large chunk of your time, making for an unnecessary distraction.

As noted in Inc.,  “Having a private office within shared space allows business’ to create a certain duality that normal companies don’t have,” said Niki Kotsapouikis, Assistant Controller at The Frances Xavier Warde School. “It allows us to both work independently within our confined space but also gives us the opportunity to converse, correspond and share knowledge with other folks in various realms.”

Peace of Mind

Privacy in shared office space will give your corporate office and your clients a better sense of security with their personal information.  File drawers and office doors that lock, secure and reliable internet, and a managed reception area provides additional peace of mind. If your clients know that you are in a shared environment, they might feel uneasy knowing that there are people around you, potentially listening to your call.  Even if you or your corporate office don’t need to adhere to any privacy laws, that doesn’t mean that your client doesn’t have to work within guidelines.  With you being an extension of their work, they could govern how you conduct yourself. By default, community space could actually be a detriment to your business.

To learn how easy it is for you to get established in your own private office space, with minimal commitment, contact Workspace by Rockefeller Group today.