Generating Content for Small Business Blogs

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Most people know that a blog can be a great way to promote your small business and engage with your customers and potential customers. An issue that keeps many small business owners from starting a blog is a concern about content. We will discuss where content ideas come from and what kinds of content successful small business blogs are providing.

Share Your Insights

“I won’t know what to write about” is a pretty common excuse as to why people have not started small business blogs for their own benefit. Nobody knows the industry better than small business owners who have built their business by providing exactly what customers are looking for. You know your industry and your audience, you’re just nervous about addressing them through blog posts.

What kinds of questions do you hear everyday from customers? What are some misconceptions that people often have about your industry? How can you simplify something that may be hard for someone outside of your industry to understand? These are the kinds of questions that generate meaningful content for small business blogs. Treat blog posts as if you were talking to a customer or potential client about a topic.

Mix It Up

Don’t make the mistake of only talking about yourself, your business, and your industry. Share thoughts on things that your audience might find interesting. Things that are not directly related to what your business does are fine. Also make sure you change the style of posts from week to week. Doing a list-style article like “5 Things You Should Know About _______ Before You Buy” can become redundant quickly. There are so many ways to frame information that you shouldn’t have any issues with keeping your style fresh from week to week.

In conclusion, the goal of small business blogs should be to provide content that their target audience wants and needs. Create posts that provide insights and information that will not only help your audience, but also make them want to return to you as an authority in your industry.