Social Media Guide to Law Firm Marketing

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Tips to Law Firm Marketing


Social media has grown into an integral part of just about any company with a good marketing strategy. In some industries, the integration of social media is natural and seamless. In other markets, companies have to abide by rules and regulations that are specific to that industry. With the legal profession, companies need to be thorough and cautious when publishing content. Law offices can disclose very little and are bound to confidentiality agreements.


For the most part, you can post informative content that educates current and potential clients as to the nature of new regulations and education on the type of law in which you specialize. Social media is still a useful tool, as it builds trust with clients. The best channel for law offices is probably LinkedIn, because it is a network for professionals who seek contacts and information. Here is a list of good practices for law firm marketing:

Demonstrate Expertise

One of the primary ways to employ social media for law firms is to share updates by regulators, new laws, or amendments that can reshape the working landscape or have impact on certain types of cases. This practice is strictly informative and helps to establish the law firm as thought leader and build trust with current and future clients.



Listening to Public Opinion

Another useful aspect of social media is that it is a great tool to follow trends in public opinion. Social media is designed so everyone can comment on content on a daily basis. Topics that go viral are a great barometer for where the public is standing. This helps law offices and courts with their decision process.


Explore Paid Social Advertising

When it comes to promotion and advertising, social media features paid options that can reach a targeted audience. Paid advertising on social media for law firms can be a good way to: inform a targeted niche about the branch of law your firm specializes in, how to get more information, and to offer incentives like free consultations. This practice can build trust and help potential clients who are in the process of research and consideration.


Establish an Office Hour

You have to tread carefully when sharing information in your public posts. You have to obtain consent before you use specific cases as examples in promotional content posts. In most states, there are regulations in place for social media content, equating it to advertising and subjecting it to similar rules and regulations. In order to avoid these red flags, establish a free consultation office hour or telephone line. Make the conversation one-on-one, instead of talking to the public you can personalize your potential customers’ experience.


Establish a Communication Policy

Social media can be a very casual communication medium. Be aware of communicating with represented parties. This can cause friction and raise ethical issues. In order to avoid this, you and your team should agree on communication policy for social media. What is appropriate for your industry and what is a favorable communication style between your clients and representatives? Setting these guidelines will avoid any pitfalls, while making sure your customer experience is consistent.


Follow Global Ethical Rules

It is important to note that when your law firm marketing requires social media, your content is accessible to everyone around the globe who has an internet connection. It is wise to not only follow the ethical rules of your country of residence, but to abide by general global ethical standards. This practice will keep you in the right for the long term and build trust and respect with international clients.

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