How to Elevate Your Business During the Holiday Season

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The holiday season brings both opportunities and challenges for a business. Large companies have sizable marketing budgets and take up the spotlight. Small companies focus on local promotion and employ low-cost ways to bring some holiday cheer to their accounts. Regardless of your industry, you should not ignore the festive mood around you. Accent the season with a tweak on your website or a wish card on your social media page. Decorate your place of business with good measure and your customers will appreciate the effort.




Start a tradition

A number of holiday marketing campaigns have become a tradition that accompanies the festive season. People look forward to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, children enjoy seeing the Coca Cola polar bear and all of the other characters on TV. Start your own tradition that excites people or just reminds them of the festive season. It could be as simple as a jar of chocolates or something much more elaborate like a company holiday photo booth. Be consistent and people will appreciate the cheer you bring them.

Greeting cards

It may sound obvious, but send greeting cards to your existing customers. Send them actual physical postcards with a simple greeting. This goes back to the now marketing gospel about the car salesman who sent his customers a card every month simply stating ‘I like you.’ He was very successful by reminding the world of himself and aiding the word of mouth. Know your customers’ demographics and send cards that correspond to their holiday practices or simply wish them a happy holiday season.

Plan ahead

The holiday season can pose some logistical and organizational challenges. Inventories need to be optimized, employees take vacations, websites can be overwhelmed by the traffic. Map your business holiday plans in advance in order to tackle the extra work with ease and gain new customers. Run routine checks on inventory, deliveries, and website infrastructure in order to be ready. The easiest way to lose a customer is through a broken link, so stay on top of your online presence.

Focus tips

Find your form of meditation during this busy time of the year. It is important to stay focused in order to get good results from the holiday shopping surge. Exercise, don’t let your guard down, this will improve your energy and productivity. Be sure to get offline for a time, you will be refreshed and return more focused. Use the festivities to recharge with positive emotions. Holiday parties with copious amounts of food and drink are common, but they can also be tiring. Stay disciplined and you will improve your focus and results.

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