Virtual Office Space Vs. Physical Law Firm Office Space

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Choose The Best Option For Your Law Firm Office Space


Recently, there has been an increase of home based law firms. The trend has grown with the evolution of cloud-based management tools and other trends that make a physical space less of a necessity than in years past. However, many people disagree with the notion that a law firm can succeed in a home office.  Although traditional office space can be cost prohibitive, a shared workspace environment can be the answer.

There are certainly advantages to working out of your home if you have a solo law practice. The most obvious advantage is the drastic reduction in overhead costs. Lower costs coupled with not having to commute to work every day are enough reason for many solo practitioners to choose to work from home. Some of these attorneys use a virtual office to obtain a business address, but work from home.  No doubt, a virtual office offers a great hybrid of working from home and have a business presence.


Here are some considerations to working in a serviced workspace.


Networking Brings Clients to You

There are several benefits to working around other people. Occupying an actual law firm office space facilitates networking opportunities that a virtual law do not. In a serviced workspace environment, people from many different industries can take the opportunity to network and refer business to one another. Often, the referrals alone can make up for the difference in cost between working from home and renting a space.


What Your Space Says About You

Finding the right workspace for a law office can be difficult. A law office should have a perfect balance of sophistication and accessibility. People want to know that they are dealing with a qualified and detail-oriented professional. A space in a serviced workspace can give you an elegant, well-furnished office without all the hassle of finding and decorating a traditional office space. Law firms that expand into space in a serviced workspace often find that costs can actually be much lower than a traditional office setup. This is due to the fact that many of the hidden fees that come with traditional space, such as furnishing and maintaining the space are already included in the monthly price of a business center space.


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