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Popular and trendy business districts can fade out as quickly as they became popular in the New York City market. But there is one consistent neighborhood in NYC that is always considered to be one of the most prestigious and recognized in the world, it is Midtown Manhattan.

Are you in need of serviced office space in the heart of Midtown Manhattan? To book your space with Workspace by Rockefeller Group, call (212) 899-5400 or fill out our contact form.  Flexible terms for any length of time are available.

From Times Square to Fifth Avenue to Rockefeller Center, Midtown Manhattan is undeniably the first area that comes to mind when you think of New York City. Where else will you find such a densely packed and convenient transportation system? Grand Central Station, the subways, busses and tunnels, Midtown Manhattan is the easiest part of the city to navigate. Once you get to your office space, you will have access to the finest restaurants, Fifth Avenue shopping, and the most popular entertainment hotspots in the world.

With the most prestigious neighborhood amenities at your fingertips, the most important factor in your business success is the office space itself. Can you imagine having an office in Rockefeller Center, overlooking the ice rink? If this is impressive to you, imagine how it will reflect on the strength of your company. Located at 45 Rockefeller Plaza, you will find the finest, most prestigious, and convenient workspace in Midtown Manhattan – Workspace by Rockefeller Group.

When looking to rent NYC office space, there are many things you will need to consider. From the long-term commitment to the technology infrastructure to the furnishing, all of these considerations are a distraction from the focus on the core of your business.

With a private office space at Workspace by Rockefeller Group, you don’t have to worry about any of these concerns; we have already taken care of these tasks for you. Here are just a few things that you won’t have to deal with:

  • every office and common area are furnished with a contemporary and ergonomic design
  • we are staffed with a receptionist, mail room attendant, management and IT staff so you don’t have these expenses
  • your office is outfitted with the most advanced IT infrastructure available
  • we see to it that the Maintenance Team keeps the space looking great
  • we offer short-term leases, that work around your requirement, not ours
  • access to all the services Rockefeller Center has to offer, including the amazing Zo. Lounge.

Call today, or fill out our contact form to learn how easy it is to get the best address in New York City!

Private Office Space by the Day, Week or Month

Starting with your first day at Workspace by Rockefeller Group, you will see that we offer far more than just office space.  Here are some of the key features that will make your workday a little easier and more convenient:

  • Not only will your mail be delivered to your office daily, but we will also manage your shipments for you. If you are not in the office, we can let you know what you have received and send it as needed.
  • We keep the coffee and tea stocked for you. Take a break outside of your office in one of our lounges while you network with like-minded business professionals that share the common spaces with you.
  • We work closely with the cleaning crew, making sure that the office space that reflects on your image is kept impeccable.
  • It takes a team to maintain an office. Our staff will greet your clients, answer your phone, manage your mail and keep your Internet blazing fast.

Virtual Office Space with Flexible Terms & Low Rates

It is not uncommon for someone to need a presence in Manhattan, even if their office is not.  Our virtual office plans will give you the flexibility of having access to a prestigious address without the cost of the office itself.  Here are some of the key features that you can take advantage of:

  • Use of our 45 Rockefeller Plaza address. Our team will accept and hold your mail for you.  We can even forward it whenever you need it.
  • Use of a private 212 area coded phone number that can be answered using your company name and seamlessly forwarded to anywhere you need.
  • Access to meeting rooms at discounted rates with available catering.
  • Private office space access by the hour, day or week. Enjoy the convenience of on-demand offices, whenever you need them.

Coworking Space for Midtown Manhattan Businesses

We know that we must be as flexible as the people that use our services.  Growing in popularity, co-working in Midtown Manhattan has become one of the most popular ways to work.  With access to our coworking space, you have access to all meeting rooms, lounges and Rockefeller Center’s amazing Zo Lounge.

Why Choose Workspace by Rockefeller Group?

For more than 25 years, Workspace by Rockefeller Group has been leading the serviced workspace industry while serving the Midtown Manhattan community with impeccable service that is built on the foundation of the parent company, Rockefeller Group. For over 90 years, we have been one of the most trusted names in real estate. Because of our financial strength, stability and vision, we are the best solution to your office space requirement.

Call (212) 899-5400, or fill out our contact form to book your office space!

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