Benefits of NYC Area Codes

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NYC Area Codes


In some areas, and especially in New York City, an area code can tell prospective clients how reputable you are. A simple area code can clue callers in to what part of town you are in. Even if the client never picks up the phone, they will look at your phone number on your business card and website when determining their first impression.

Area codes 212 and 646 are the NYC area codes for most of the borough of Manhattan. In Manhattan, a 212 area code conveys a sense of stability and longevity of a business. Phone numbers with the desirable 212 area code are very difficult to obtain by anyone establishing new telephone service. Donald Trump, one of the best known New York City professionals, was even given grief for not having a 212 area code.

It is very important to have a local “land line” phone number wherever it is you plan to do business. Having a recognizable phone numbers shows that you are stable and professional; it gives you prestige and trustworthiness.

If you are working out of a home office, even if you are using your personal cell phone for business, you can still get the best phone number and address to boost your reputation with a virtual office solution that offers administrative support and forwarded calls.