4 Things You Should Know Before Leasing Office Space NYC

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Know your priorities of your business

Whether your business is a tech startup that wants to be close to investors, or you’re an established business that serves heavily in the financial industry, knowing your business’s top priority and goals should be the very first thing to consider when deciding your business location. What kind of location for your NYC office space would best serve your business to achieve its goals and why? How would certain locations match up with the company’s strategy and add true value to your business? Asking these questions may be a good starting point if you’re considering leasing a Wall Street office space.

Know your stakeholders and customers

Where are “your people” going to be located? Knowing where you can attract the right talent and resources, like investors, employees and clients, is definitely going to be a key component when you’re considering an office location. Besides the stakeholders, also know where your customers will be located. The closer you are to the market and the customers, the better chance you’ll have getting known by the customers to check out or use your service. If you are serving in the financial industry, a Wall Street office space may very well be the right place.

Think outside of the traditional ways

While some people might consider looking for office space in New York City as hard and expensive, there are many other ways to acquire an office at a prestigious address like Wall Street, without a long financial commitment and risking your finances. If you’re a startup, or trying out a new address or location for your business in Wall Street, you can look into commitment free virtual office plans first, and then gradually transfer into a physical Wall Street office space after you establish and build up your business.

Know the overall value

A Wall Street office space will be great to establish the presence for your business, while establishing your business’s image and brand. It will also present you with some great opportunities by placing you in the right environment for your business to succeed. Going to events or meeting with people that work in the area, or in the building, can expand your professional network and bring more opportunities for your business. You may also find that access to resources like human capital or investors will be another great advantages of having a Wall Street office space. All in all, know what your business goals are, and decide the location very strategically by knowing the overall value that the location would be able to provide.