4 Steps to Opening Office Space in New York City

Are you thinking about opening office space in New York City? Because setting up an office can be chaotic, we are offering you a 4-step guide to success.


Step 1: Setting It Up:

First, register your business and research the insurance your business may need such as worker’s compensation, liability, and disability insurance.  Look into permits and licenses your business is required to obtain to fully operate in New York City. For more information, go to NYC business express.


Step 2: Shop for Office Space:

Look for the best office space arrangement for your business. Office space in New York City comes with a variety of options available to you, from the long term to short-term. If you are uncertain of your future, you may want to consider a short-term, furnished office space, rather than committing to a traditional office space where you will need to buy furniture and office equipment. When looking for the location for your startup, you will also want to research zoning options for your business.

Step 3: Get Ready for a Smooth Operation:

Because technology is do important, consider getting equipped with the best software, printers, network, firewall, and Wi-Fi capabilities. Also check your office equipment, supplies and services such as fax machine, printer, scanner, shredder, and consider establishing UPS and FedEx accounts as necessary.
Get the checklist for moving to an office space.


Get the 311 App:

Last, it is always good to stay in touch with the city. From catching up with the latest services offered by the city, to finding the latest New York City events or getting some discounts from the vendors participating in the city’s program, one of the most entrepreneur friendly cities in the nation offers various resources via an app. Download the 311 app here.

Additional Helpful Resources:

NYC Business resources:


If you are fining that securing office space is a daunting task, consider serviced office space with Workspace by Rockefeller Group.  You can choose your office and be up and running the same day.  Learn More