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Save time and elevate your image with live call answering.

In a world where customized services have become the norm, we are here to help you with the overall customer experience for your clients. We understand that we are an extension of your company so we are sure to integrate our services with the unique personalization of your company.  Through our remote worker support and virtual office programs, you will quickly see the benefits of our services.  How it works

 - Avoid SPAM Calls - Never Miss a Message - Customized Greetings -

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Popular Remote Worker Support Options

How it Works

Our team answers your calls with your customized greeting. You have the option to transfer the caller to any client destination such as a desk phone, cell phone, or voicemail. Whenever we send a call to your voicemail, it will automatically get forwarded to your email, allowing for a prompt response.

If you need additional support, we can screen your calls, providing you with the caller’s name and the nature of the call.  You will have the option to accept the call or have our team send it to your voicemail. Not only will we answer your calls, but also you can utilize our enhanced phone answering features, allowing us to provide better service to you.

Our service will be custom designed to seamlessly integrate with your corporate requirements.  By working closely with our technical team, we have been able to streamline your calls, which creates a seamless call transition from our telephony network to yours. Our enhanced network ensures unsurpassed call quality. Using our infrastructure, we are able to seamlessly link your platform directly to our receptionists. Learn more about all of our remote worker services.

Live call answering

Live Service Details

Live Call Answering for You or Your Team

Centralize all calls for your copy under one portal. Your company will have one team of operators throughout your entire staff. Save time by avoiding SPAM calls or answering your phone when you simply don’t have time to. Our team can answer general calls about your business. Beyond simply answering your phones, we can screen the calls and even take messages for you.

Entry Call Answering

When it comes to answering the calls for you or your team, our operators can either answer for the entire company or just specific staff. Our entry service includes customized call answering, using the custom script provided by you. After we greet the caller, the call will be forwarded to any destination you wish. Whether voicemail, a cell phone, or any other external number, you can be confident that your caller will get properly transferred. If your company receives a high volume of calls, we can design a plan that best suits your needs.

Enhanced Call Answering

Sometimes you need a few details before you decide if you want to take the call or not. Our team is trained to take the caller’s basic information and provide it to you so you can be better prepared. The call can be sent anywhere you want, such as voicemail, a colleague or a cell phone. You even have the option of screening for your entire company or a select few. If your client receives higher than normal call volume, we can build a plan around you.


In addition to the Enhanced Call Answering Plan, we offer an available personal message taking service, which gets emailed, directly to you. We will record and send the caller’s name, what the call is regarding, and the caller’s contact information.

Voice Messages

A PROs team member can verbally take a message from a caller and, immediately following the call, verbally relay the message to your client by phone.

Enhanced Greeting

If our standard greeting of 16 words is not sufficient, we can create a customized plan that will meet your specific requirement.

Heavy User Coverage

We have created a live call answering package that will suffice for most of users. However, if you routinely experience a high call volume, we can build the plan around your needs.

Mail Management

Look beyond live call answering for our support.  We can offer you mail management with access to our professional administrative team at our 45 Rockefeller Plaza location.

Remote Support Service Interest

Thank you for your interest in our remote support services. Please tell us a little about yourself and we will reach out to you shortly.

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