Mail Management Services - NYC

Don't give up your NYC presence just because you have left the city.  Never put your home address on your collateral again.  With our facilities management structure, we will support your business by managing your mail flow.  Located at New York City's famed 45 Rockefeller Plaza, you don't have to sacrifice prestige.   There are many ways we can support your remote workers.

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Mail Management Services

How it Works

  1. We receive your mail at our workspace in Rockefeller Center.
  2. We take a photo of each piece, then send it to you by way of email or text.
  3. You inform us on how you would like each piece handled.
  4. Handling instructions include:
    1. Hold for pick-up.
    2. Forward to any destination.
    3. Shred it.
    4. Open the envelope and scan the contents.
NYC Mail Management

NYC Mail Management Services in Detail

Mail Receiving

We will accept and hold your mail at our Rockefeller Center facility.  You are welcome to collect it at your convenience, or have our team ship it to you.  Having an established address in New York City has never been so easy.  Maintain your presence, even if you left, with a 45 Rockefeller Plaza or 630 Fifth Avenue address.


Mail Forwarding

With our professional team at your service, there is no reason to ever come into the office to collect your mail.  We can forward the mail to any destination by way of USPS, messenger or FedEx.  If we receive mail for multiple team members, we can ship to their custom destination.  If you need to change your forwarding point, you can contact us anytime to make the temporary change.  Forwarding can be on demand or routinely scheduled by the day, week, or month. *International shipments require a completed US Customs declaration form to be completed.


Mail Notification

With our industry leading software you will receive a photo of each piece of mail.  Once you receive the notification, either by email or text, you can log into your portal to see who the mail is from.  Then, you can instruct us to forward it, hold it, shred it, or open the envelope and scan the contents.

Messenger Service

Through our partners, we can rush your delivery for same day delivery within the city.



With FedEx picking up daily from our facility, your shipment is sure to get out on time.  There is no need for you to go to a drop spot or request a pick up.  We can arrange for all your shipping, regardless of where it needs to go.  *International shipments require a completed US Customs declaration form to be completed.



If you need to arrange for a bulk shipment, our expert partners can do all of the heavy lifting for you.  If you are moving from your office space or place of residence, we will work with the movers to make sure your move goes smooth.


Print, Copy and Scanning

There is no need to drain your ink cartridges or stand in line at a retail facility.  You can enjoy access to our high speed machines or ask our staff to take care of your job for you.  We can print your documents and send them however you choose, even if you have multiple copies that need to get sent to multiple locations.

Popular Services For Remote Workers

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