Workspace by Rockefeller Group Success Story: Meet Will Royall

Workspace by Rockefeller Group-Success-story-Meet-Will-Royall

Wondering what kind of businesses are at Rockefeller Group Business Center? Meet Will Royall from Royall Advertising, a Florida and New York based full service digital marketing agency. Read for his success story, and tips to learn how Royall Advertising has successfully expanded their office to New York City with Workspace by Rockefeller Group.


  • Full Name: Will Royall
  • Company Name: Royall Advertising
  • Position in the company: CEO
  • Years at the company: 13 years
  • Location at Workspace by Rockefeller Group: 45 Rockefeller Plaza

Q1. How did you start and get to where you are today?

I started the agency when I graduated from Stetson University.  We started as a small shop, just a few friends and I, doing websites, graphics, and video for people. Through the years we started to land bigger clients with better budgets and larger projects. Hilton Grand Vacations was our first “big brand” client and since then we’ve worked with many brands people know and recognize including Ruth’s Chris Steak House, Holiday Inn Club Vacations, the Golf Channel, Hilton Hotels, TGI Fridays, Space Coast Florida, Stetson University, and many others. In 2012 we were at a point in the agency’s growth that allowed us to expand the offices to New York City. Since then, we’ve almost doubled in size and are looking to have our best year yet.

Q2. What is the best tip to excel or succeed in your industry?

It’s no secret that in Marketing and Advertising “image” is everything. In fact, that’s what we do for businesses. We create their image. We sell their personality, products, and services, through an image that’s portrayed in the ads we create, messages we write, websites we build, and videos we edit. The better you can do at creating that image and moving real products and services (making the client money) the better you do in our business. That being said, it’s also just as important as an advertising agency to display the image of success yourself. Nobody wants to hire the company that’s struggling in the basement. The thought, like it or not, that goes through people’s heads is “if they can’t make their own business a success, how can they help us to make ours a success?” And, in reality there is some truth to that! The key though, is to portray where you want to be, before you’re actually there. That’s good marketing, and that’s how any business grows into something bigger than they currently are.

Q3. What would you advise to yourself 5 years ago?

Five years ago, I would have told myself to take more risk. I think when you don’t realize how big the rewards are, and are afraid of failing, you hold yourself back from doing great things. For example, as an agency we’re constantly painting pictures of projects, websites, campaigns, and even events that “don’t really exist yet” – and are selling them for big money! So, we’re basically selling huge dollar amounts worth of “concepts”.  There’s a lot of trust needed there! That’s really hard to do. The secret here, which you only learn through experience, is that selling a $1,000,000 idea entails the same process as a $200 idea; there just needs to be $1,000,000 worth of value in the bigger idea once it’s finished to make the deal happen and provide value at the end of the day for the client. While more work is involved on the bigger ideas, the payouts are greater and the things you can accomplish that cause real change in the world and in other people’s lives are much more gratifying.

Q4. Any advice to people considering pursuing your path?

The best advice I would give anyone in any business is to learn the three pillars that I think are needed to be a success in any industry. Marketing, Sales, and Finance. Read every book you can find on these three subjects and apply them to whatever you do. You’ll see growth.

Q5. Why did you decide to locate your office at Workspace by Rockefeller Group’ 45 Rockefeller Plaza?

I went looking for the perfect office space when we expanded to New York. We needed a well-known address that said we “made” it since we didn’t have a portfolio of New York clients yet, but we also had to keep expenses low while we built the firm. We actually started with the Workspace by Rockefeller Group’s virtual space at 45 Rockefeller Plaza, and I mean, WOW. I couldn’t believe how affordable it was to actually have an address and space available for me to meet clients only when I needed it. This really helped our company get started in New York City. Workspace by Rockefeller Group was the perfect place to establish that prestigious presence, while having a space to meet our new businesses, and operate the business fully on a budget.

Q6. How did the location help your business grow?

We ended up landing clients we had hoped to, and were able to graduate from virtual office to an actual office space under lock and key. It was an easy transition too because it was fully furnished. Not only that, the offices in Rockefeller have projected an image of success which has not only helped us to close deals in New York, but also in our home city, Orlando! Just the fact that the agency now has offices in Rockefeller New York City, and is already profitable, speaks volumes when we’re talking to clients even in Orlando, Florida.

Rockefeller Group has been instrumental in the growth and expansion of our agency. We immediately had a receptionist, janitor, tech support, and a fully furnished office as soon as we needed it for a fraction of the cost of trying to do it on our own. I’m really looking forward to continuing the growth of the New York office. As we need more space, we simply ask and BAM! We have another office under lock and key right down the hall way from our other staff member’s offices. Their flexibility to match our needs really helps us save time and associated costs, and it’s been a great choice for us as we simply grow into the space we need.