Mail Management Services NYC

We accept it, holding it, forward it, scan it and shred it for you.  

Located at New York City's famed 45 Rockefeller Plaza, you don't have to sacrifice prestige.   There are many ways we can support the remote workforce.  Never put your home address on your collateral again.  Take every step you can to improve your work-life balance.

Don't give up your NYC presence just because you have left the city.  With our informed delivery service, we will support your business by managing your mail flow. You will receive a photo of every piece of mail you receive, then have the ability to instruct us to hold it, forward it or scan the contents.

Managed Mail Services

Don't lose a moment with our advanced mail handling service.


Iconic Address


Mail Scanning

How it Works

From notification to delivery


USPS Delivers Mail to Our Team

Once your mail gets delivered to 45 Rockefeller Plaza, our team sorts the mail for each company.

Every Envelope Gets Photographed

Then we send you a notification to you by way of email or a third party app (Anytime Mailbox).


Your Options

By default, we hold your mail for you to pick up.  A popular time saving option is to have mail forwarding scheduled daily, weekly or monthly, saving you time.  As you view each piece of mail, you can instruct us to:

  1. Forward the mail
  2. Shred it
  3. Open the envelope and scan the contents.  Once you receive the scanned contents, you can have us hold, forward or shred it.

Popular Services For The Remote Worker

Just because you gave up your office doesn't mean you have to give up the services you want.

Call Answering

Use one of our 212 business phone numbers so you don't have to give out your personal number.  Never stop for another SPAM call again.

Learn how to improve your work-life balance.

Virtual Office

Get all the benefits of your own office without the expense.  Access an iconic address, a rooftop garden, and a penthouse clubroom.

24/7 coworking and 2 days of private office space per month.

Learn how easy it is to get unrivaled office space.

Meeting Rooms

Office space when you need it, where you want it.  For the times you need to meet with a client or your team, you don't have to sacrifice on quality.  You can use our offices or meeting rooms by the hour or day.

Learn how easy it is to host the perfect meeting.

Experience The Benefits of Rockefeller Center

Where work and life come together

Rockefeller Center continues to redefine the definition of a work-life balance through their tenant program. Here, you will benefit from one of the most unique and diverse assortment of amenities that will be found in any office campus.  With your coworking membership with Workspace by Rockefeller Group, you have full access to all of their space and programs.  Discover all the ways you can benefit from this free program.

Virtual Office NYC
45 Rockefeller Plaza

Who We Are...

Our name reflects our responsiveness to the wide range of customer requirements today,  Our continued enhancement of services, and the commitment to quality instilled by our connection to the Rockefeller Group brand that we have strived to uphold with excellence and innovation since 1928 has made us an industry leader in NYC..

Our mission is to combine one of the most accessible, prestigious and amenity-rich addresses in New York City, with private offices and flexible workspaces backed by a highly experienced support team. Our well-appointed modern workspaces and conference rooms are supported by a dedicated, best in class on-site administrative team and one of the most reliable technology platforms in the flexible office-space sector. Contact us any time to learn more about the solutions we can provide on an immediate, short- or long-term basis, backed by 25 years of excellence in New York City.

Contact us today to learn more about our New York City office space at Rockefeller Center located at 45 Rockefeller Plaza & 630 Fifth Avenue. 

Mail Management and Informed Delivery

Improve the efficiency of your workday when you get daily mail notification.

Mail Receiving

We will accept and hold your mail at our Rockefeller Center facility.  You are welcome to collect it at your convenience, or have our team ship it to you.  Having an established address in New York City has never been so easy.  Maintain your presence, even if you left, with a 45 Rockefeller Plaza or 630 Fifth Avenue address.


Mail Forwarding

With our professional team at your service, there is no reason to ever come into the office to collect your mail.  We can forward the mail to any destination by way of USPS, messenger or FedEx.  If we receive mail for multiple team members, we can ship to their custom destination.  If you need to change your forwarding point, you can contact us anytime to make the temporary change.  Forwarding can be on demand or routinely scheduled by the day, week, or month. *International shipments require a completed US Customs declaration form to be completed.


Informed Delivery - Mail Notification

With our industry leading software you will receive a photo of each piece of mail.  Once you receive the notification, either by email or text, you can log into your portal to see who the mail is from.  Then, you can instruct us to forward it, hold it, shred it, or open the envelope and scan the contents.

Messenger Service

Through our partners, we can rush your delivery for same day delivery within the city.



With FedEx picking up daily from our facility, your shipment is sure to get out on time.  There is no need for you to go to a drop spot or request a pick up.  We can arrange for all your shipping, regardless of where it needs to go.  *International shipments require a completed US Customs declaration form to be completed.



If you need to arrange for a bulk shipment, our expert partners can do all of the heavy lifting for you.  If you are moving from your office space or place of residence, we will work with the movers to make sure your move goes smooth.


Print, Copy and Scanning

There is no need to drain your ink cartridges or stand in line at a retail facility.  You can enjoy access to our high speed machines or ask our staff to take care of your job for you.  We can print your documents and send them however you choose, even if you have multiple copies that need to get sent to multiple locations.