Solutions for Short Term Office Space in NYC

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Do you have a small business in NYC and are planning to expand beyond your home office? Do you currently have office space, but are looking to find something in a different area? The long-term leases that are most commonly available may not be a realistic solution for your business’s needs.

Standard Commercial Leases

Three to five years is a common length for a commercial lease. Many commercial real estate owners avoid lease terms that are under three years. They generally do not want to deal with the high turnover rates that accompany short term office space leases.

Another reason that commercial lease terms are generally longer is that companies who are established and willing to commit to long term leases are simply less likely to default on their lease. New ventures and fledgling small businesses can be a much greater risk to commercial property owners. Fortunately, there are office space providers who cater more to people and businesses that want quality short term office space for one reason or another.

Built for Small Businesses

A well-equipped business center can meet your short term office space needs. Whether you just need a small, simple office to meet with clients and customers for the day or a month-to-month home base for your business, the flexibility and adaptability of a business center makes it very attractive for small businesses. Business center spaces are a great option even for those interested in a long term solution for their business.

Workspace by Rockefeller Group provides office solutions for a variety of businesses in New York. Workspace by Rockefeller Group has short term office space solutions in some of the most sought-after addresses in the city. With offices on Wall Street, 5th Avenue, and Rockefeller Plaza, we can provide your business with space to grow without the long term commitment of traditional commercial space.