Tips for Small Business Blogs: Posting Consistently

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It’s pretty obvious when a blog has been abandoned or simply isn’t being maintained like it should be. When the most recent post is from several months or even a few years ago, many people lose motivation to read what you have to say. This is an especially important thing to consider when it comes to small business blogs.

How Often Should I Post?

For a personal blog, you can update at your leisure, as long as it doesn’t look neglected. If your blog is meant to help your business, however, it is definitely smart to create (and maintain) a consistent posting schedule.

There is evidence that when it comes to blogging for business in general, more is better. Companies that blog more frequently get more traffic. The fact is, however, that small business owners are generally already pretty busy people. There aren’t going to be a couple more hours in the day to create quality blog posts. With time constraints in mind, small business blogs should shoot for posting new content once or twice a week.

Staying on Schedule

A great way to get your blog started is to write down a list of at least 30 topics for blog posts before you write any actual posts. Every time you write an article, try to add another idea to your list. This will ensure that you’re never scrambling for ideas for article topics at the last minute and then rushing to get them written. You can just search your list for a topic to write about and then begin your research and writing. If you’d like to read about ways to come up with content, check out our previous article on creating engaging content for small business blogs.

Before you begin to post, try to have a backlog of around 10 completed articles. This will allow you to stick to your posting schedule when unforeseen circumstances prevent you from being able to write. Remember to replenish your supply of articles when you have more time. The key to making small business blogs successful is finding the discipline to stick to your writing schedule.

We hope these tips will help you keep your small business blog on track and posting regularly.