Value Your Workspace Location

Technically, all your business needs is a desk, Internet and electricity.  But in the modern business world, you really need to go the extra mile, not only to appeal to clients, but to your staff as well.  Here are 4 reasons why our clients value your workspace location when coming to Workspace by Rockefeller Group, located in Rockefeller Center.

1. Safe and Trusted

If your staff and your clients don’t feel comfortable coming to your office, they won’t.  If your building or the surroundings are run down or not well lit, it’s human nature to avoid the location.  And with the available choices out there, your clients will find another vendor and your valued staff will find another place to work.

2. Easy for Clients and Staff

There is a reason why Starbucks has so many locations.  Plain and simply, people do not want to go out of their way for anything, not even a cup of Starbucks.  NYC offers so many options; no one needs to go out of their way, so they won’t.  Our location is so convenient to mass transit; it is very easy to commute here.  If your staff can cut their commute by 5 minutes, they will.  If your clients find your location to be out of the way, they won’t bother visiting you.

3. Offers Credibility

Your clients need to value your workspace location.  If you are an unknown entity, it’s human nature to look for credibility in who we are dealing with. How we dress, how we speak, what kind of car we drive are all indicators of how we carry ourselves.  Your office space is no different.  A law firm at 45 Rockefeller Plaza is going to be judged differently then one that is working from home.  Until you build a reputation, you need to work harder at your presentation then someone that is more established.

4. Support Infrastructure

Restaurants, public transportation and social activities are only a few of the things that people need around them.  We are all working more and more these days, so to have a place to eat or a dry cleaner near you is no longer a luxury, it is an essential.  If you can save 15 minutes a day because a deli or your gym is a step away, you are going to take it.

If you are just starting out, it might be difficult to check all of these boxes, or so you would think. There is a reason why Rockefeller Center is considered one of the best business locations in the world; it offers every necessity.  Workspaces like Workspace by Rockefeller Group provide access to all of these amenities, without the commitment or cost of renting traditional office space. With services like Zo, you will find that you are buying into a superior office space solution that very few can offer.