4 Problems Solved by Virtual Offices

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End Your Daily Commute

Americans spend countless hours stuck in traffic day after day, week after week, and year after year. Virtual offices allow you to break the cycle of battling rush hour by allowing you to work from home effortlessly. Working at home for a fraction of the price of a traditional office is just one aspect of a virtual office that appeals to many. The time not spent getting to and from work is valuable time that you can spend being productive for your business or improving your life in other ways.


No Long Term Commitments

Virtual offices benefits allow much more flexibility than a conventional office space. Leases of 3 to 5 years (and longer) are commonplace for commercial space. This means that spaces are not available to many small businesses, especially new ventures. A virtual office plan allows you to commit to 3 month terms.

Cut Overhead Costs

The biggest operating cost for many small businesses is their office space. For many professionals, a physical office is not necessary and can be a huge drain on their finances. Legal professionals, financial industry professionals and consultants are changing to virtual offices to cut costs and improve their work/life balance.

Easy to Acquire

Traditional offices often have very specific financial requirements that must be met to lease the space. In addition to the long-term lease requirements already discussed, businesses must be able to demonstrate financial strength and prove that they will likely be able to survive as a business (and pay their rent) for the duration of the lease. Property owners don’t want to assume the risk of renting space to companies that may not have the ability to pay their rent at some point during their lease. Virtual office benefits don’t require small business owners to jump through hoops like conventional office spaces.