Client Entertainment Options in NYC

First of all, client entertainment is key to maintaining existing business relationships, as well as creating new ones.  Here are some great options for you to consider.  These tips are especially helpful if you are not familiar with NYC.


Top Restaurants For Client Entertainment in NYC

If you want to take the client meeting out of the office, a nice dinner is always well received. World’s 50 Best Restaurants just named 3 places in New York at the top of the list.

Number 5 in the world, Eleven Madison Park is located on Madison Avenue in NYC.   It offers a great atmosphere with modern European cuisine.  As a result of their popularity, you will want to make reservations for sure.

Number 18 in the world, Le Bernardin is located on 51st street in New York.  You will need jackets and reservations in the dining room, however things are more casual in the lounge.  Le Bernardin has been know as a hub for client entertainment.

Number 40 in the world, Per Se is located in Manhattan not far from the 45 Rockefeller Plaza office space. Reservations, held by a credit card, are required in the dining room.  However the salon is open for those without a reservation.


Top Bars for Cocktails with Clients in NYC

Sometimes a drink is the best way to settle business, loosen everyone up, and have a casual meeting. If you need to impress the client, as you should, a night on the town will entertain and win over a big client. Choose one of the top places in New York for cocktails so that you put your best foot forward.

Whiskey Park, at The Trump Parc, is everything you would expect from a bar inside Donald Trump’s building. If you are looking for an impressive location with a specialty cocktail menu, this is the place to go.

Club Macanudo, located between Madison & Park Aves, offers jazz and cigars for a stylishly casual night out with clients. If you are looking for more entertainment and less talking, this is the place.

Salon de Ning, at The Peninsula Hotel Rooftop, is located on Fifth Avenue close to Rockefeller Group Business Center’s 630 Fifth Avenue office space, in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. If you are looking for amazing rooftop views and impressive cocktails, this is your place.


Office Space in New York City

Finally, not considered a conventional form of client entertainment, but if you have an impressive office space and conference room in New York City, show it off. Having claim to your own space in New York City is impressive, shows professionalism and stability. Of course, as the saying goes, you can fake it until you make it. Furthermore, if you don’t yet have that space in New York City, you can acquire an office space for the day or rent a conference room that is sure to impress. Workspace by Rockefeller Group has an impressive name, location and space to meet with your client in New York City.