Amenity programs that redefine workplace. 

Another convenience of Rockefeller Center.

What is Zo.

Zo. is a workplace amenity program offered by Rockefeller Center.  ZO. provides all members in Rockefeller Center buildings with convenient services, community events, amenity spaces, and virtual programming.  When you rent office space at Workspace by Rockefeller Group, you gain access to this powerful amenity.

Exclusive Features of Zo.

Zo. for Business

Virtual Personal Assistant

Seminar Space

National Workspace Access

Zo. for Teams

Lounges Rooftop Garden

Catering and Food Delivery


Zo. for You

Fitness Classes online/live

Mental Wellness online/live

Parenting Resources

Community Events



At Home

Building Information



There is nothing average about any workday. With the FindYourZO app, you get access to all of the services you need to get you through the day, Services such as food delivery to daily fitness classes after hours social networking, you wont want to look any farther than their app.


The FindYourZO app might be a workplace app, but its benefits extend far beyond the office. With comprehensive virtual programming ranging from cooking classes to educational workshops, we support a healthy mind, body, and soul for 50,000 members worldwide.


Outline your workday before it even begins. The FindYourZO app outlines up-to-date building information like what entrances are open, where to park, how to pick up a delivery, and more - all in real-time.

ZO. Community Events keep you in touch.

Zo. host a variety of events to help you network and socialize with likeminded professionals in Rockefeller Center,

extending your professional community.


They know you work hard. That’s why they host social events like book clubs to happy hours.


Find people who share your interests, from fitness to gardening to blogging, there is a class for everyone. Join a group, or help them start your own, today!


Attend one of the many expert work shops and seminars to learn something expand your knowledge.

ZO. Spaces are beautifully designed lounges, exclusively for the tenants in Rockefeller Center.

Step away from your workspace and enjoy the member spaces. Host a private function, go to a special event, or just clear your head while away from your office.


Have lunch with a colleague, meet with a client, or just spend some time alone.


Network with ZO. members on your time, or join us for happy hour and designed get-togethers.


Arranging a team event or office party? Zo. spaces are the perfect location for private experiences when you need to step outside of your office.

ZO. Services bring a level of conveniences into your office, that are rivaled nowhere else.  Make the most of your work day without having to leave your space.

Special offers, meal delivery, on-site manicures, fitness classes, a personal assistant and much more!


You will have access to healthcare services in your building, meditate in your office space, or join a fitness class when you have a free moment.


Treat yourself to a variety of special discounts from our exclusive partners.


Save time with food delivery to. your workplace, dry cleaning drop-offs, shoe shines, package delivery and more.

ZO. At Home is a benefit for you wherever you are.

They recognize that life changes constantly. They are prepared to support you at home, too. Log in from home to learn more about their online events like fitness, cooking classes, and educational workshops.

On Demand

Online classes are always available.  From cooking and styling to virtual tutoring for your kids. Your world will open to a variety of service, when you want at any time.


Treat yourself to live fitness classes. Virtually visit a cultural institution or tune in for an educational workshop. It's all at your fingertips.

WFH Support

Zo. provides virtual amenities, including online support, meditation and yoga. Even from home, you have everything you need to work peacefully.

ZO. Building Information provides live updates about your building.

Get ahead of your workday before it even begins. See which entrances and exits to use, where to park, pick up your packages and more.


Wondering where to park, lock up your bike, enter the building or pick up a package? Get updated in real-time.


Gain access to ZO. spaces in your building like lounges, fitness centers and bike parking.


Your ZO. code is your all-access pass to everything your building has to offer, from ZO. spaces to perks from our partners.

Download Your Zo. App

Zo. Terms of Use

Zo. Services are not a part of Workspace by Rockefeller Group.  These are amenities available to all tenants of Rockefeller Center.

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